Do you love midnight snacks?

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Updated from September 19, 2012. I can still picture myself sitting on my single bed and writing this post. I was probably hungry and gorging on some snacks late night during the weekend and that would have given me the idea of doing a post on the topic. Life has come a long long way since then!! But, yes, my love for midnight snacks remains unchanged and undisputed.

I totally love to gorge on midnight snacks. Making my disclaimer – having snacks late in the night is not recommended and is an unhealthy habit with long term implications.

You should have a light dinner two hours prior to bed time and should be fast asleep by the time it hits 11PM. Being awake till midnight is bad for your health, ruins your sleep, wreaks havoc on your body clock and helps you put on the extra flab.

Revisiting this post after so long has actually made me also realize how much I have changed in the past six years. Most of the days I am fast asleep or extremely sleepy by 11 and even if I remain awake by stroke of midnight, I usually take a comfort food which reminds me of childhood, have water or green tea which calms me down and helps induce sleep. Well, I have definitely aged and am wiser now!!

Jokes aside, what do you do when you get those midnight cravings? Most people get a sugar rush. On those days, we go out for a glass of falooda which I try not to have but sometimes I do end up having. Of course, it is around 11 by then. And, a couple of months back, I was literally addicted to momos. They are hot and the guy we brought them from used to serve soup and homemade mayo which was to die for. Unfortunately, the cravings remain unsatisfied thanks to the shop closing down or probably moving away. Well, I am sure my body is pretty thankful!! Swiggy, food panda and zomato and dominos have all made our lives easy by providing easy access to midnight snacks as well.

How can you control your midnight cravings?

Sleep Early. Well, this is pretty obvious but many times it might not work out, especially when it is a weekend or a holiday the next day.

Drink Green Tea. Relaxes the entire system, fills you with water, hydrates you instantly and induces sleep.

Protein Rich Dinner. Though I am not really sure if diet or heavy food plays a role in the cravings since they are mostly physical responses to our emotional needs, we can always try addressing through a food which does not get digested immediately.

Keep Something Healthy Handy. Probably fruits or nuts or even a bar of chocolate or a protein bar. For me, it is threptin biscuits complemented with complan. Not healthy at all but it is my childhood favorite comfort food!!

Indulge. Well, another obvious solution is indulging once in a while. May be you could designate one cheat day in a month or a fortnight so you could have your midnight snacks.

Whatever you do, enjoy those snacks and cravings and remember that you are getting older ever passing minute so what you enjoy right now might not be something you would like to do even in a month’s time. So, let it be and focus on the now.

Till then, ciao.

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