How to Manage Mental Health and Stress?


Mental Health is one of the most understated issues of the day. We rush to the doctors on the first physical symptom of illness but continuous stress and struggle with life does not impress us enough to take our mental health seriously. It is quite important for people to realize healthy brain is essential for a healthy life. And, our lifestyle and relationships have a particular affect on how healthy our brain is.

Our body can undergo biological and chemical changes due to our mental health and in turn it can affect our heart condition. So, it is imperative that we learn to manage both our mental and physical health for overall well-being. So, let us see how we can manage the enormous amount of stress prevailing in our lives.


How to manage Mental Health and Stress?

Create a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Excessive working hours and stressing out too much about career is detrimental to our health. This is especially true for women and if you are a working mother, stress and hectic work life can take a real toll. Depending on how demanding your role is, the amount of decisions which rest with you and security of the job are all factors which lead to stress.


Financial Planning

Most of the stress is usually due to unstable finances or bad financial decisions. Take good time to learn this skill, ask a mentor to help you get started and invest in great options like mutual funds and single premium term plans for better returns on your principle. Having a healthy bank balance leads to a peaceful mind.


Get Proper Sleep

Sleeping well is very important when you are not in the best of your mental health. It relaxes your body and gives you much needed freshness and energy. Following proper routine is essential for healthy brain and body functioning.



Releasing the much needed endorphins through light to intensive activity is essential to reduce your stress levels and make your brain function faster. Including a bare minimum of 30 minutes walk in a park has been known to improve your decision making capabilities.


Include your Family

Keep your family members or your spouse in the loop regarding your work life issues or other personal issues you may be facing. Having a conversation with your family members eases your battles and enables you to move ahead with an invincible spirit.

If you are an overwhelmed student, lighten up and include other activities in your schedule. This will help utilize your brain more efficiently and more smartly when it comes to studies. Schedule your study hours and try to participate in study groups. Talking to your parents and peers about your pressure and identifying your strength and weaknesses also eases a lot of stress.

In summary, it is our conscious choice to lead a healthy life which not only improves our mental and emotional health but encourages to build better self-esteem and confidence.

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