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10 Different Types Of Kisses You Should Not Miss

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How many types of kisses have you tried with your partner? Well, not more than 4 or 5 types, I guess. In this article, I am going to tell you 10 types of kisses that will rock your lovemaking session. Moreover, trying different things or doing things in a different way makes your intimate life refreshing.

Kiss is the best way to express your love to the partner. Couples should indulge more often to kissing as it’s not only good for burning calories but also helps in maintaining the spark and freshness in your relationship. Here’s how you can completely nail the kissing techniques followed by what each kiss really means.


Forehead Kiss

It is one of the sweetest kisses ever known. This is usually a starter kiss or an admiration kiss. It implies love and trust for your partner. And the person on the receiving end simply loves this beautiful gesture.


Kiss On The Hand

This can be done by grasping the person’s hand gently with your fingers and kiss the back of their palm. These types of kisses represent likeness for someone special.


Eskimo Kiss

Maybe you have done this and don’t know its name. So let me tell you when couples rub their noses against each other and move back & forth is called Eskimo kiss. This is the best option for the couples living in chilly weather. It represents affection towards the other partner.


French Kiss

Most of you have done this, right? It is one of the most passionate kisses of all. The tongue is the main ingredient of this kiss. It involves plenty of tongue action. Couples roll their tongue over each other with their mouth little open. This kiss requires practice in order to master it.


Single Lip Kiss

Being one of the most romantic kisses is done by placing your lips on the single lip of your partner. And start sucking their single lip. You can even bite their lip gently to turn it into a passionate one. This means that your partner is really into you or vice versa.


Spiderman Kiss

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Though it sounds funny, it is yet another sensual kiss type. It’s like an upside down kiss. This kiss is inspired from the movie Spiderman. You can perform it quite easily at home. All you have to do is lie on a couch with your head on a pillow and your partner will kiss you from another side. So here’s how you can re-live this epic moment of Spiderman movie.


Lizard Kiss

This is another kiss that sounds funny. In this kiss, you have to move your tongue in and out of the mouth in quick sessions. The use of lips in this kiss is close to none. This kiss implies a superb intimacy between couples and shows how affectionate their bond is.


Juicy Kiss

You must have seen it in movies. Couple place fruit between their lips and go on biting the food while kissing. This is fun, fruity and juicy kind of kiss. And a quite refreshing one too.


Butterfly Kiss

Don’t go by its name. It has nothing to do with a butterfly. This is actually a kiss where two people are really close to each other and their eyelashes connect while kissing.


Love Bites (aka Hickey)

Though it is not one of the many kisses types but is considered as the most romantic one. It is popularly referred to as hickey where one partner kisses, sucks or even bites the skin and leaves a mark. Couples find it quite passionate and are usually done on the neck.

There are a lot of other common types of kisses such as neck kiss, earlobe, cheek, neck & back, smooch etc. which are mostly performed by couples.

Creativity is one such thing that will always keep your sexual or love life fresh. So make the most of it and try different ways to kiss your partner and let them feel your love.

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