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15 Weird & Crazy Facts About Sex

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Think you know all about sex? Well, you may know the basics but I’m pretty sure you have never heard about these weird yet funny & crazy facts about sex. There are millions and billions of people that love talking about sex. And why not? After all, we all love sex. Isn’t it?

So, let’s educate us with some of the weirdest facts about sex which are a bit strange and funny as well.

Life of Male Sperm is 5 Days

Yes, the male sperm can live up to 5 days. So think twice before having an unprotected sex. You might land yourself in trouble.

Female Orgasm Lasts For….I’m Sure You Don’t Know About This

Well, on an average female orgasm lasts for about twenty seconds. And that is fourteen seconds longer than male orgasm which is only six seconds.

Female Ferret Cannot Survive Without Sex

Yes, it’s true. A female ferret will die if she does not have a sex for a year. Fortunately, this is not true for human females. Waiting for sex will not cause them to die. A sigh of relief. Isn’t it?

Your Inner Nose Swells During Lovemaking Session

You must have heard that genitals and breasts swell during intercourse. But one thing which you don’t know is that your inner nose also swells due to increased blood flow while doing intercourse.

Wondering If Your Parents, Grand Parents Still Have Intercourse?

Well, to end up your doubts, the answer is YES, undoubtedly. As per research men in their 70’s are still able to impregnate women. And women in their 80’s continue to have sex with their partners.

The Role Of Pumpkin In Erection

Though most of you know or have heard that chocolates act as a natural sex enhancer. But do you know that the smell of the pumpkin also encourages erection? That’s all because it helps in increasing the blood flow.

Men Too Get Erect Nipples

As per the research, it has been found that approx. 60% of the men who get aroused have erect nipples. Their nipples are as sensitive as of women.

Vagina Size Decreases By Approx. 30% At Climax Stage

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When a woman is about to have an orgasm the vagina contracts in size as much as 30%. All this helps in increased sensitivity that is felt by the woman at the climax stage.

15 Weird & Crazy Facts About Sex

Right Testicle is Slightly Up Than The Left One

Left testicles tend to hang lower than the right one. Wait Wait! You can verify this fun fact later. And don’t forget to include your friends in this discussion 😉

Have You Heard Someone Inserts The Bristle Side Of Toothbrush Into His Urethra?

Well, Alfred Kinsey, the sex researcher inserts the bristle side of the toothbrush into his penis and had a collection of five million wasps.

Semen Was Earlier Used As An Invisible Ink

Yes, you have read it right. But British spies have now stopped using this invisible ink because if not fresh it begins to smell.

Five Calories In A Teaspoon of Semen

Each spoon of semen has around five to seven calories followed by 200 to 500 million sperms.

Women Get Aroused By Chimpanzee Sex

Quite Weird, isn’t it? It has been found that women who watched the clipping of chimpanzee sex became sexually aroused followed by vaginal lubrication.

Straight Men Search For Penis Images Online As Much As They Do Vaginas

I mean why? Do they compare themselves to other online penises or simply like watching them? The reason is still unknown. The reason should better not be the latter one.

Some Women Experience Orgasm While Giving Birth

As per the new study, it has been found that some women experienced orgasm while giving birth to their child.

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