3 Hair Masks for Summers


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3 Hair Masks for Summers

Hair is one of the most difficult parts of the body to care for! It is the last to receive its share of nutrients, first to show lack of internal nourishment, external care lasts for a day or two at max and gets affected by plethora of factors like pollution, dry skin, sun exposure and what not.

So, how do you care for your hair? One of the simpler solutions is creating hair packs at home and nourishing hair with it. Our kitchen is well-equipped with a lot of nourishing ingredients for hair. So, let us have a look at the best performing hair pack for hair growth and hair fall.


This is my favorite. Stinks a lot but is equally effective. Recently, I came to know that egg yolk is the offensive part of the recipe. And, you must avoid protein hair masks in case you hair is not overly damaged.

Unless your hair is extremely damaged or undergoes regular chemical or heat processing, you can only rely on egg white hair pack for for the same results which is extremely soft and shiny hair.

Simply beat two or more egg whites in a bowl and brush the mix on your scalp. Use essential oils for extra punch and to mask the egg fragrance. Rosemary, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, black pepper or any other essential oil which is stimulating will work well. Just a few drops of it and you are good to go.

Yogurt or Curd

The one made at home! But, avoid this if you have dandruff issues as it makes your scalp too oily which in turn increases the problem instead of decreasing it. Directly applying curd to scalp and hair length helps. Do not add anything else and do not combine egg with yogurt.

Did you know you could use onion juice for hair if you have dandruff. It helps combat the dryness and stimulates hair growth.

Clay Masks

This has become sort of a trend to use clay masks on hair for cleansing and nourishment purposes since the no-shampoo movement has started. Not that I am advocating you to discard your shampoos but using clay masks on your hair can be very beneficial.

There are different types of clays suitable for different types of skin. For dry skin or scalp, you must use rhassoul clay which is good at extracting the toxins and dirt and does not dry the hair. If your scalp is oily, use an oil absorbing clay like fuller’s earth. Combining clay with honey provides added benefit of not being overly drying. And, the trick to using clay masks is to not let the mask get dry completely. Keeping it on for an hour is more than enough.

Clay Mask for all Hair Types

Since rhassoul clay is not that widely available, i am going to use fuller’s earth or Multani Mitti as we know it.

Mix Multani Mitti and honey in a bowl into a smooth paste. Make sure the paste is quite runny which means you must use more of honey than the clay. Brush it all along your scalp and hair length. Leave it on for an hour and wash off. The mask should not dry on your hair or scalp as it may lead to hair breakage.

For summers, clay mask is a great option as it is cooling and absorbs the sweat as well. Both honey and clay have cleansing properties so if your hair is not very dirty, you can skip the shampoo as well.

Summers is also a great time to grow out your hair with use of protein hair masks or other hair care tips so take full advantage of the season.

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