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4 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

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Have you ever felt like you were in a toxic relationship? Are you the one who is into an abusive relationship and thought it’s to be normal? Well, most of the people fall into these relationships and then justify their partner’s behavior as normal which unfortunately is not.

Relationships can be romantic and full of fun, naughtiness and bring positive changes followed by the bunch of emotions. But unfortunately, for some, these act as a major source of negativity which brings along a lot of stress and unnecessary drama. You can easily point out if there is physical abuse in a relationship. But it is really difficult for a person to realize that he/she is in a toxic relationship. The reason being that they think verbal abuse is a norm. In other words, it is totally normal and acceptable.

To understand what is normal and what is not, you need to learn the behavioral signs that will tell you whether you are in a toxic relationship or not.

More Bad/Sad Moments Than Happy Ones

A toxic relationship is like a roller coaster ride. You may feel excited at one moment but your happiness is followed by anxiety and insecurity. Your relation has more lows than the highs. But you live with that single hope when you get the happy moments again. This unpredictability in your bond keeps you stuck. It is more like the unsuccessful gamester who keeps on hoping for the win in the next round.

The Blame Game & Excessive Jealousy

A Little bit of jealousy is always considered healthy in a relationship but an excess of it will ruin everything. If your partner doesn’t have trust in you then there is nothing worth holding on to. There may be times when you want to discuss your anxieties, concerns with your partner and expect answers from him. So instead of listening to you and addressing your issues he/she turns the tables and start blaming you for everything.

They start telling that how you are wrong in every situation. At times you start believing their every word and start thinking yourself as a bad partner. They make you think that it’s your entire fault. You need to understand that in a toxic relationship how one partner just turns the table and play smartly so that you will feel guilty for everything.

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4 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Is He Hostile All The Time And Never Respects You?

Is your partner always angry at you? Are you living with a lot of stress and negativity? Then definitely you are trapped in a toxic relationship. In this case, people don’t feel comfortable and secure while expressing themselves.

You are in a toxic relationship when your partner always puts you down. You are always stressed about how to please your partner. He always acts like he knows everything and you are nothing in front of him. He criticizes you, makes fun of you in front of your family or friends.

Dirty Fights & Break Up Threats

His behavioral patterns with you will tell you whether you are involved in a toxic relationship or not. Attempting to hurt someone with harsh words is not at all the right way to solve the issues. Rather it makes the matters worse.

You are definitely in a toxic relationship if your partner threatens you to break up in order to end the argument. They keep on telling you that they will break up with you so that you will stop arguing with them and accept your fault even if it’s not yours. If they really care about you, they will not end the relationship rather take steps to solve the concerns.

It is very important to figure out if you are in a toxic relationship so that you can come out of it gracefully. And remember such behaviors are not at all acceptable no matter how much you love that person because it will only give you pain and nothing else.

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