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5 Lies People Tell On Their First Date

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There is no denying that first dates are full of twist and turns. A lot of things are running through the mind before the first date.

  • What to wear?
  • Where to go?
  • Is it safe to meet him?
  • Should I go to his place after the date?

When people go on their first date, it is quite natural for I guess both of them to tell some harmless lies in order to sound cool and funny. Some people also lie to protect their privacy as they don’t exactly know the person whom they are dating with. People just want to present themselves as the best & wants to make a good impression. In this process, they usually hide their bad habits or exaggerate some things to show off.

Let’s look at some of the common lies people tell on the first date.

Lies About Their Age

Age is a big deal for people of both sexes. Though women are targeted more on hiding their age men also do the same. Men lie about their age because either they want to date younger ones or they want to decrease the age gap. Most people lie about their age on their dating profile and they carry forward this lie on their first date too.

I Have a Great Job

Most of the people lie about their jobs to sound impressive to their partner. There are people with different perceptions. Some people want to hide their lavish job because they don’t want someone who chooses them for their money. While others want to exaggerate their job because they know women are attracted to men in power. So, people opt different ways to lie about their job to make their first date successful.

5 Lies People Tell On Their First Date

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Their Hobbies And Things They Like Doing

People mostly lie about their hobbies or interests on their first date. For instance, if you go on a date with athletic kind of person and you are not of that type. Then instead of shutting things down because of varying interests, people try to connect by saying that they love to hike or outdoor sports is their kind of thing. In order to keep the conversations going people try to go with the flow and make things interesting.

People also lie about their musical interests. People might say they are fond of listening to indie music when they actually listen to Justin Bieber. So, there is all kind of lies people tell on their first date.

They Lie About Their Address

When you meet someone for the first time, you don’t have any idea how the person actually is. So, people prefer to hide their actual addresses for the security reasons. This one lie is necessary when meeting a stranger. After all, safety comes first.

Not Much Into Dating

Most of the guys and even girls lie about their dating. They usually say they are not much into dating or it’s their first time. These things are just used to impress their date or make them believe that you are special.

Everyone tells lies on their first date no matter how small or big ones. People don’t say what actually they are; rather they tell what the other person wants to hear. Though harmless lies don’t count but remember you cannot start something meaningful based on the lies.

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