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I remember the first time I came across The Body Shop products, I found the brand too expensive (that was in 2011). I did my first haul then and after that I did not revisit the brand till they launches Oils of Life. Since then, and more so because my father discovered the body shop body butters, I have become a pretty regular customer of the brand. Okay, yes, their body butters are definitely worth a try but I did like a few others as well. So, check out my favorites from the brand.


The Body Shop Wooden Detangling Comb

This has been a favorite of mine since my first haul though I got another set of combs from a different brand which I am liking even more. If you have not been using a wooden comb, you have to give it a try and see the difference for yourself. The only problem is that you have to dry it off immediately after washing it or the water makes the wood bloated and brittle. Also, be careful not to drop it as it can break. In the last seven years (since 2011 February), I think I got three combs but if you are careful they are long lasting.


The Body Shop Cactus Brush

Another favorite but I use this as a dry brush. I have had one since last seven years and I try to use it religiously. You have to make dry brushing your routine, if you have not yet tried it out. It helps your lose weight, makes your skin more softer and gets rid of the dry and itchy patches. There would be other brushes in the market which are a lot less expensive but I still like this one for its bristles. They are hard and give a good brushing to the body and wakes it up like nothing else. You can literally see your skin glow.


The Body Shop Polynesian Monoi Oil

Lately, I have run out of body oils and I wanted to get one. And, when I was looking through my archives, I realized I had forgotten this one. The smell itself is to die for and this does not have silicones, thank god! Amazing texture for oil to be applied when your body is slick wet from shower and would get absorbed instantly leaving your smelling faintly of gardenia. So, this goes right back on my list unless I like something from their Spa of the world range which I absolutely love.

the body shop

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

I have just recently reviewed this product so this should be fresh in your minds. The best face scrub I have tried till date and my suggestion would to move away from the physical scrubs and embrace chemical exfoliation, not because this is the ongoing trend but physical scrubs can actually tear your skin. I would suggest this product only once a week or even a fortnight unless your skin is going through a bad phase and needs something really effective. Combine this scrub with a good skin care routine and you will have a beautiful skin.


The Body Shop Spa of the World African Ximenia Scrub

I love love love their Spa of the World range. Almost all the products are exotic sounding though I have only tried their Ximenia scrub. I do have others on the list and I am hoping for some discounts though not much is given on that range specifically. So, you know what I am getting from the brand next time. But, their Japanese Camillia cream sounds delicious already. Or, may be I should look for a post-shower body oil in this range. They do carry some oils which I am not sure are massage oils or post-shower oils.

The list actually goes on and on. My father is a fan of the brand now that he has tried out their body butters. In fact, come the sales or any discounts and I have to get one or the other body butter from the store to replenish my dad’s stash. He specifically liked the moringa and cocoa butter and I liked the fragrance of the British Rose. It is very refreshing and I got a travel size of it which I use as a hand cream for flights. Currently, I am also trying out their hemp range – the foot cream, hand cream and lip balm – all of which I am actually liking.

So, it is your turn now …

So, this is my list of favorites from the body shop. I shall keep this post updated as and when I fall in love with yet another product from the brand. Till then, tell me what product from the body shop enthrall you? I would love to hear your recommendations.

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