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5 Signs That Tell It’s Time To Walk Away From Your Relationship

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Do you feel happy by being in a relationship? Are you constantly asking yourself if this relationship will last? Do you feel that you have no importance in your partner’s life? Have you ever felt the need to walk away or move on?

Though moving on seems impossible at the moment but relationships that are damaging your self-esteem or hinder your growth are not worth fostering. After all, you are not with so and so person to be ignored and treated unfairly.

Observe the following signs in your relationship that will help you to decide whether it’s the time to walk away or not.


A Relationship Where You Face Physical Abuse

Never ever compromise on this situation. There is definitely no room for physical abuse in any relationship. If you are involved in this kind of relationship then simply walk away. It’s never going to work out. Seek some help from your loved ones and handle this situation maturely.


Do You Find Yourself Constantly Thinking About The Past Memories?

If you are dwelling more on the past than the present then it’s time to walk away. You cannot fuel your relationship with past happiness because then you will run out of the present and future happiness. If you don’t feel that emotional connection as it once was despite your constant efforts, move on. There is no point in living in past memories when you both have lack of desire to invest in future happiness.

5 Signs That Tell It’s Time To Walk Away From Your Relationship

You Are Not His/Her Priority

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Do you ever feel like your partner doesn’t care about you, listens to you or you don’t matter to him at all? Walk away, if your answer is yes. If you are putting efforts to talk, listen, care about him and are even making him yours first priority then you definitely deserve the reciprocation. One should respect each other’s feelings and never take them for granted.

Remember, being a priority doesn’t mean that you have to be with them 24X7. It’s more like being connected, being available for each other. It actually shows how much importance the other one holds for you. Do they value your inputs in making future plans? If he doesn’t value you or not making a part of his world then there is no reason to be part of their future.


Too Much Lying & Even Infidelity Too

Honesty and trust are the building blocks of any relationship. If you or your partner frequently hide things from each other your relationship will not be going to last. A relationship could never grow if your partner is consistently cheating on you. A strong relation requires lots of efforts, dedication, commitment, honesty and loyalty from both sides. It’s time to walk away if there is no honesty in your relation.


Does Your Partner Respect You Or Your Feelings?

There should be respect in your relation. You shouldn’t fight for your respect. If your partner doesn’t respect your feelings, opinion or your thoughts don’t matter to him at all then this relationship is not worth it.

If he constantly hurts you, make you feel lonely in a relationship, your feelings don’t matter to him and he doesn’t even pay attention to your problems then there is no reason to stay. It’s better to walk away from this toxic relationship where you don’t have any importance.

Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option. Don’t hesitate, just walk away and get rid of the toxic relationship that gives you nothing else but pain.


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