6 Recipes Inspired by Our Favorite All-Day Cafés

All-day breakfast used to make me think of greasy diner hangover fare. But these days some of my favorite restaurants are redefining the most important meal of the day and serving it morning, noon, and night—with no under-salted, soggy, home fries in sight. Take the Turkish eggs at L.A.’s airy market-café Botanica: two poached gems, olive-oil-toasted focaccia, and savory yogurt all buried under a cloud of lemony salad greens. I had it for breakfast and would’ve had it again for lunch. Or consider the arctic char tostada at sleek Mexican-inspired Atla in NYC, which tastes just as good with a smoky mezcal cocktail as a house-made coconut latte. Across the country, jammy eggs, thick-cut toast, and alt-grain waffles dot menus no matter the hour. This style of eating inspires the way we all cook at home too. These six recipes are our takes on the all-day standbys, the ones we can’t stop ordering and then crave days after we leave. They’re fortifying, unfussy, and delicious. I’m not suggesting everyone give up their daily bowl of granola and Greek yogurt for smoked fish and rice spreads, though many of the recipes have elements you can make ahead. Instead, turn to these when you have a chance to slow down and treat yourself—whatever time that happens to be. — Amanda Shapiro, Healthyish editor


Salad for Breakfast

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Eggs on toast goes veggie-centric with quick-pickled veg and marinated feta. Everything except the croutons can be made ahead, and any weekday can start off this colorful.

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