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7 Sexy Ways To Use Lube

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Creativity is always sexy so why it should not be used inside the bedroom? There is a misconception among people that lube is only used when you have a dry area down below. But this is not true at all. Instead, lubricants can actually improve the sex life both for men & women.

There are three kinds of lubes available in the market:

  • Water Based
  • Oil Based
  • Silicone

One of the most used lube from the above list is the water-based lubes. Lubes are basically used to reduce friction and make sex extra pleasurable. Lube is literally for everyone and there are numerous ways on how you can use it. So, let’s move on to find the different manners in which you can use lube to add extra oomph to your sexual life.

When You Masturbate

If you don’t love yourself, how can you love someone else? You need to love your body and figure out what makes you feel aroused. With the help of lubricant, you can certainly increase your masturbation pleasure. Remember, never use moisturizing lotions as a lubricant because they contain unwanted chemicals. Just add few drops of a good lubricant and enjoy masturbating.

Use It With Sex Toys Like Vibrator

While masturbating using vibrator can cause friction due to roughness. So by using lube the same toy will gently glide over your clitoris and give you an amazing experience. One thing you should be careful about is that always use water based lubes with silicone sex toys.

While Having Sex (Vaginal Intercourse)

You can use lube anywhere, be it your body, private parts or on the condom itself. Just take a small amount of lube and spread it all over the desired area. I’m sure you will love this slippery sex where there is less friction and more pleasure.

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Lube Can Be Used Inside Condom Too

As you all know using a condom ruins the sex “as per the guys”. But now they can feel more while being protected. By adding few drops of lube inside the condom will boost their sensitivity levels. And you never know it might unlock their world of feeling to another level.

7 Sexy Ways To Use Lube

When Having Anal Intercourse

Unlike the vagina, anal does not create its own lubricant. So the friction sometimes leads to bleeding. To take your anal sex experience to another level use lubricant as it works wonders. It moistens that area and reduces friction so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Obviously For Blow Job

Do you know that there are flavored lubes available in the market? Yes, now you can choose your favorite flavor and there you go. With the help of lube, your jaw won’t get tired as it provides enough wetness. You can use it on the penis or even on the clitoris to have an amazing experience.

For Sexy Massage

Good quality lubricants are totally body safe. You can use it on your partner to give him sensual massages that can lead from relaxation to sex. Use it on their body parts and start licking it. Let him/her experience your electrifying touch. He/she will just love it.

Lube is just perfect to take your lovemaking session to another world that results in less pain and more pleasure.

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