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7 Surprising Benefits of Hugs

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Let’s just admit it. Nothing is more comfortable than a warm hug from a loved one. Whether you are wrapped in the arms of your partner or hugged by your friend, it makes you feel protected and loved. People often hug each other to express their love and joy to the other person.

Hugs can even convey what words alone can never explain. Enough of the comfort and love that hugs provide. Let’s move on to the benefits that our body gets by hugging someone.

Increases Bonding & Makes You Feel Good

Hugs are not just felt in our arms. Instead, there is something more to it; you can name it as the science of love. When you hug someone, a hormone named oxytocin is released from the brain that is responsible for increasing the bonding with your partner. This hormone promotes the feeling of trust, love, and commitment.

Hugs Have The Power To Lower Your Blood Pressure Levels

Hugs are not only responsible for making you feel good; they can even benefit your health. As per the studies, it has been found that frequent hugs between the partners produce higher levels of oxytocin. This results in lower blood pressure levels.

Hugs Are A Great Stress Reliever

When you hug someone or cuddle with your partner, the amount of stress hormone cortisol produced in our bodies gets reduced. This is how our body relieves the tension and makes us feel better. So whenever you see someone depressed or stressed, give them a hug.

7 Surprising Benefits of Hugs

Hugs Helps In Balancing Your Nervous System

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Your skin contains a plethora of networked pressure centers that are connected to your brain in order to send pressure senses. As they can sense touch so a hug shows a great change in skin conductance. This feeling of touch and hugs help in balancing the nervous system.

Hugging Can Increase Empathy & Understanding

Embracing someone produces oxytocin. And when this hormone is released into the body, a feeling of empathy & understanding is produced. It helps in building trust between people and open doors for social interaction.

Well Hugged Babies Results In Less Stressed Adults

If you want your next generation to be free from anxiety and stress then start hugging them more often when they are little. As per the research, it has been found that early stages hugs can help the people to deal with the stress in a better way when they become adults.

Hugs Can Cure The Loneliness Feeling

To make yourself or others happier, simply give them a hug. The age-induced loneliness can often increase your stress levels. So, hugging provides them an instant feeling of closeness and they start feeling happy.

Apart from these benefits, hugs can also help you to improve your sleep quality, boosts energy, improves heart rate, elevates mood, and promotes better sex life and much more.

Keep Hugging!!

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