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7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend

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Great relationships always depend on good communication. But it surely doesn’t mean that you can say anything to your boyfriend or partner. You should know how to convey the things in a right manner. And most importantly how to keep certain things left unsaid.

Below is the list of things that you should never say to your boyfriend if you want no trouble in your lovely paradise.

Never Tell Him To Shut Up

Your choice of words can spoil your relationship with your boyfriend. Telling him to shut up is not at all the right way. Respect is very important for a healthy relationship and telling him to shut up is certainly disrespect. There is always another way to convey your message which is respectful. Choose wisely.

Don’t Tell Him That “You Remind Me Of My Ex”

Nobody on this planet likes to get compared. And comparing two men is definitely a big deal for them. You should never talk about your ex all the time with your boyfriend. They feel uncomfortable and start thinking that you are still stuck in your past. So, focus on your new one and keep these thoughts to yourself (even if they come).

That His Friend Is Hot & Sexy

He is the only one in your mind- that’s what he thinks. Don’t make him feel insecure by telling things like that. Just remember if he tells the same to you, I’m sure you wouldn’t like it too.

That How You Flirt With Your Superiors

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There are a lot of double standards in our society when it comes to men and women. What’s acceptable for men may not be acceptable for women. A Man flirting is totally acceptable in our society. And if women do the same, will be tagged as bad. So you should never tell your boyfriend even if you flirt a little bit with other people.

7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend

No Discussion About His Parents

Relationships between parents and children are very sensitive. So, don’t ever tell them even if you don’t like his parents. There is no need to vocalize your every feeling. You just need to be as neutral as possible if you don’t want to spoil your relationship with him.

Never Make Fun Of Your Boyfriend Publicly

Nobody wants to get mocked or humiliated in front of their friends. No matter whether you are angry or anything. Don’t lose your cool in front of his friends. Once you both are alone, you can have arguments. Respect them if you want to be treated the same.

Don’t Ever Talk About His Small Penis Size

Last, but not the least, no man wants to hear that. Never ever question or make fun of their penis size. This discussion directly affects their ego. Your entire paradise will get in trouble if you talk about the size issue with your boyfriend.

So, note down these points and try not to annoy your boyfriend by saying these things. After all, some things are better left unsaid if they can make your relationship healthy.

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