9 Creative Ways to Connect with Your Wedding Guests

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9 Creative Ways to Connect with Your Wedding Guests

Weddings can be great fun for many people, but they can end up being too superficial sometimes. If you want to have a meaningful connection with your wedding guests instead of just small talk, how can you do it without stressing out too much over planning? It’s time to get creative and come up with some unique ways to make your wedding memorable and special for every guest!

Here are some creative ways to connect with your wedding guests-

1. Get digital

There are so many things you can do to digitally connect with your guests! You can have a special hashtag for posts and pics of the wedding, create a running slideshow of photos from throughout the day, let guests submit music requests for the playlist and more. There’s so much that can be done, just be sure your guests don’t stay on their phones all night.

2. Capture a fantastic group photo

During the transition from ceremony to reception, take a few minutes to round up guests for a wonderful keepsake group photo. This is best to do before everyone settles into their seats at a table. A group photo helps you remember who attended and gives guests a wonderful memento.

3. Distract the kids

If you want to be able to have more meaningful conversations and make your guests feel more appreciated, think about their kids. Hiring babysitters and creating a separate area for the kids is a fabulous way to have your adult guests more invested in the ceremony and reception.

4. Keep in touch before the big day

Make a wedding website, Facebook group, or otherwise and keep guests updated. Add some little bits of fun and excitement when possible to make guests feel like they’re part of the whole experience as well.

5. Crowdsource guests for a personal touch


Many couples have had success looking for a little personal touch from guests before the ceremony. You can ask for advice and include it into the wedding décor, get guests to add songs to the wedding playlist (this encourages them to dance!), ask guests what kind of entertainment they’d like best, or even take suggestions for dessert or snack bar options. Guests will be honored to see their suggestions in action on your big day.

6. Personalized table assignments

Some couples take the time or assign a friend to create personalized table assignment cards. Once you have all the RSVPs, you can create table seating cards that include a picture of the guest from a memory you’ve shared with them. You could also have cards that show the person’s relation to the couple, how you met the guest, etc. Adding this personal touch will make your guests feel incredibly special without you having to say a word.

7. Help with introductions and coordinating

Some guests may not know that other guests are coming from the same areas as them. For out-of-town guests or destination weddings, you can help facilitate the introductions and transport coordination by sending out some extra info to certain groups of guests. If some guests are coming from the same place, or are staying around each other, you can give them the head’s up and contact details to help them all be well acquainted before the wedding itself. This will make the reception a lot more fun for everyone, especially if they didn’t know many people.

8. Pre-wedding parties

A lovely idea to get your guests mingling before your wedding is to have a pre-wedding get-together like a BBQ or an afternoon picnic a day or two before the wedding. The couple doesn’t necessarily have to stay the whole time or even attend at all, but it’s still a good way to guests to start getting familiar with each other so it won’t be a room full of strangers at your wedding.

9. Arrange guest “ambassadors”

It’s almost inevitable that some guests will be coming who don’t know anyone else except you and your spouse-to-be. To help these guests feel more involved without too much of your time and attention, appoint a few guest ambassadors from different circles of friends or relatives. These people will be responsible for helping loner guests get introduced to people they may click with so that everyone can enjoy the festivities together instead of feeling left out or alone the whole time.

You won’t have the energy to sit down and chat with all your wedding guests, but you can still make them feel special and help them connect to the ceremony by getting a little creative. While you may not be able to give individualized attention during the ceremony, a little bit of time ahead of the day can mean each guest feels appreciated and invested in your wedding.

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