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Average Spending On Groomsmen Gifts

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Nothing spells like commitment as much as a wedding does. Saying yes to a wedding is a
significant starting point for couples to show that they are ready to tread the path of a shared life. Marriage is a journey that invariably involves hard work, passion, and a concerted effort to make each other happy. It’s all about creating the life they envision together and working on achieving long-term goals as partners.

The essential requirement of a commitment is staying true to the path you’ve set out together.
Since every goal should be accompanied by a vision, a combination of insights from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts and annual data from The Wedding Report have mapped out the detail on every state’s wedding profile.
The mapographic comes just in time this year for couples who are in the middle of planning their wedding. It’s also helpful for those who have yet to start on the initial stages.

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The visually engaging map showcases the tiny and big details of what it’s like to have a wedding in the state you’re in or in another region you might be interested in. The report presents the important things you need to know when it comes to wedding spending per state, the average number of groomsmen, and the average amount that couples spend on gifts.
It includes a detailed breakdown of the expected cost for each state. New York takes the cake
on the highest number of weddings. But contrary to popular opinion, New York is not the most
significant wedding spender—Hawaii is. There are other vital takeaways like California being the busiest state to have a wedding in, a far contrast to Delaware with the least number of weddings last year. Connecticut leads wedding spending.

The mapographic gives out a description of popular gifts for groomsmen across regions. Out of 744 possible gifts to give groomsmen, only 2 stood out across regions. All these and more on the interactive map below. So, keep reading and best of luck on your wedding day.

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