Bride’s Reception Dress Stolen by a Celebrity


Weddings are fabulous, once in a life time occasion, with family and loved ones present and glamour chosen as the order of the day. It is no wonder the day is precious to the brides, with so much money spent to ensure this day sparkles with the atmosphere filled with joy and laughter.

This is exactly how our bride, @rettypety had planned the day, with all the hard work she had put in, to ensure her special day is remarkable and goes as planned. She had tasked a very well known fashion designer @rikaotobyme by Maryam Elisha, to make a very lovely bespoke dress fit for royalty, from some elegant red lace fabric she herself had purchased and posted to @rikaotobyme from the fabric manufacturers and paid a 50% deposit to the designer.

All was going smooth with regular communication between our bride and @rikaotobyme until the most unimaginable happened

The wedding was to take place on the 30th December 2017 and the designer had agreed to deliver the finished master piece by the 26th. On the due date. the bride @rettypety enquired if her dress was ready and designer @rikaotobyme responded with lovely pictures and a video showing the completed dress, sparkling in glitter and stones, ready to be delivered. Our bride was satisfied with the final look, and sent her the final 50%, making it a full payment.

All of a sudden and after receiving full payments, the designer claimed that she could no longer post the dress for the target date agreed, due to flight issues and promised to send it through someone who would arrive with it on the 29th, a day to the wedding.

On the 29th, the dress did not arrive! The bride was so worried and felt uneasy, as she had depended fully on her dress for the wedding reception. As expected she called the designer to make further enquiries.

This is where it dawned on her that she had been played. She will not be wearing her dress on her special day, and has been left without any options. Adding insult to injury, the designer would not pick up her calls and had switched off all phones, leaving the bride unable to contact her and left in limbo.

Okay, this is not a new story, I’m sure we have all read a similar story before, about tailors from hell and demonic seamstress. But, this is where it gets interesting. Read on…

A day after the wedding, and on a regular Instagram session, the bride stumbled upon a celebrity in a photo shoot portrait wearing her exact same dress with exact same fabric and exact same glitters with the stones precisely placed in the exact same spots as her dress that the designer had completed for her. I guess she almost fainted, cos’, i would have fainted and fainted in my fainted state.

The celebrity then tagged designer @rikaotobyme in her post, and thanked her for the lovely dress.

Now guys, this is a real story, not fiction but fact. it happened just a few days ago. If this was you, what would you do?

What advise do you have for @rettypety?

I want to hear your thoughts, cos’ I am not having it!