Detroit motor show 2018: European CO2 targets menace manufacturers as drivers ditch diesel


The Detroit auto show, the first major motor show of the year and one of America’s most important car events, is underway in Michigan. Here, manufacturers reveal their latest products and discuss the future of their companies, their models, and the industry itself.

Key themes this year have been European CO2 targets and how difficult they will be to reach without diesel, the gradual decline of the sedan (saloon) sector in the States, and the new Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. Obviously there are plenty of pickup trucks as well.

Andrew English reports.

Jetta set for US relaunch – but won’t return to Europe

Volkswagen’s Jetta, previously known as Bora and Vento, was never more than a Golf with a boot even when it was launched in 1979 and it never sold more than 10 per cent of Golf’s numbers in the UK.

“Its great selling point was to a dwindling band of sales staff who could lock samples into the boot,” revealed one insider.

The last assault on our senses came in 2011 when the Mexican-built Jetta went on sale in Europe pitched against the then-new and jolly nice mark VII Golf. Without going into the realms of Clarksonesque diatribes about the Mexican work ethic, the Jetta, which was built in Puebla, wasn’t desperately well made and some of its cabin materials ‘didn’t bear favourable comparison’ with the Wolfsburg-built Golf.

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