Essential Skin Care Tips to Get Bright Glowing Skin


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Who does not want a glowing skin? Getting a fresh and bright looking skin which looks the same all day long is a tough job but not impossible. What it needs is a lot of discipline in terms of lifestyle and loads of skin brightening tips. What follows are the top 5 tips for glowing skin.

#1 Cleansing your Skin

Skin cleansing is one of the most important steps in your skin care routine. The cleanser should neither be too harsh nor too gentle, just the right one which can cleanse skin of its impurities but not strip it off.

Another tip is to use mud cleansers in the morning when skin is relatively clean and just needs to be washed off.

Oil cleansing can be done occasionally in a month. It removes deep seated impurities as well as whiteheads and blackheads which are usual problems not addressed by our regular cleansers.

For occasional deep cleansing, you could steam your face for two minutes. Do this not more than once a week or before a special event to avoid skin dryness. There are plethora of benefits of steaming face.

#2 Regular Exfoliation

Apart from oil cleansing twice a month, use gentle exfoliators twice a week to wash off the dead skin cells and remove dry patches. Fruit acids and mud exfoliators are recommended as opposed to physical exfoliators.

#3 Facial Massages

Getting facials is not only relaxing but extremely useful for improving the blood circulation. They allow the detoxification of the lymphatic system which improves skin brightness. Professional massages are recommended once a month but weekly massages can be incorporated in your skin care routine.

Also, while applying the night cream or serum or even facial oil, a few massaging steps must be followed to prevent the effect of gravity on skin and to help with regular detoxification of lymph nodes.

#4 Use a Vitamin C serum before Sunscreen

Regular usage of Sunscreen is a must but now it is recommended to combine the Sunscreen with an effective vitamin c serum to prevent the free radical damage to the skin and to improve the effectiveness of the Sunscreen.

Vitamin C serum helps with brightening the skin in the long run and protects the skin from harsh effects of sun as opposed to the prevalent opinion. It is only the lemon juice which makes the skin phototoxic and not Vitamin C.

#5 Relax

One of the most underrated tips, but relaxing for even ten minutes a day is quite helpful for not only glowing skin but a healthy body. Treat yourself to a face spa or just enjoy an aromatherapy session using your favourite oils and diffuser to create a serene environment in which to relax.

Combine your facial massages with aromatherapy session, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to your massage oil and indulge your senses.

Getting glowing skin is not a one step process, it is the result of regular skin care routine. Developing a healthy routine tailored to your skin type shows best results. Check out lot more skin care tips at Reward Me.

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