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3 Hair Masks for Summers

It is neither summers nor monsoons yet. The weather is in a transition which is not only playing havoc on our healths but also hair and skin. Hair fall and Dandruff are most common problems in the season, not to mention the flyaways thanks to the humidity. Let us check out a few at home remedies to make hair pack for hair fall.

Onion for Hair

One of the smelliest but effective remedies to combat hair fall and Dandruff is to use freshly squeezed onion juice for hair. Mix it in oil or dab it on scalp with cotton, it is effective either way. Leave it on for 30 minutes and shampoo. Effective from the first application, you can continue this remedy for the entire season for longer results. A better side effect of this remedy is hair growth.

Henna for Hair

Conditioning is one of the primary requirements in this season. The scalp gets dirty due to the accumulated sweat and using hair friendly masks made out of simple ingredients not only help to clean the scalp but also keep the hair in a nourished condition.

Henna is supposed to be drying but humid weather can counteract this property. Removing henna before it gets completely dry is also another way to ensure it does not dry out the hair. Mixing henna for hair with conditioner gives a light tint to the hair along with deep conditioning it and without the extra work which making an authentic henna mask carries.

Aloevera for Hair

This has been one of my favourite go to hair remedies. Applying the fresh aloevera gel straight from the leaf after a hair wash acts as an amazing leave-in conditioner. The gel gets absorbed into the hair immediately and leaves it pleasantly hydrated preventing the flyaways. And, keeps the hair conditioned till the next wash.

Rosemary Essential Oil

A few drops of rosemary essential oil goes a long way in preventing hair fall and Dandruff and other hair problems. Put the essential oil in your hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, masks and even on your comb. Rub a few drops on the wooden comb to get the goodness of the essential oil every time you comb your hair.

Hair Oil

One of my favorite and most easy way to pamper my hair is by making a mask out of my hair Oil. Try mixing castor oil along with your favorite hair Oil and put in a few drops of peppermint, cinnamon or ginger essential oil to improve hair growth. Apply a thick layer of the oil, cover your head with a shower cap and leave it on for a minimum of one hour or maximum of four. Wash and voila! Beautiful silky soft hair.

The state of our Hair shows the care it gets. Take care of it using simplest of the tips if you do not have time. Explore more hair care tips to get gorgeous, lustrous hair all year long at Rewardme.

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