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How to Hire a Photographer for Your Wedding

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Any San Diego wedding photographer can show you what may look like an impressive portfolio
of their previous gigs. Some of the portfolios may even have enough “aww” factors to make you
think about hiring them on the spot to do your wedding. Should you find yourself caught in such
a moment, take a step back and give yourself time to think about it — even if you are pressed
for time.
Keep in mind that your wedding pictures and videos are the best means for you to relive such a
very important event in your life. Naturally, you want to remember the day just like how it was
and not ruin it with the narrative of an overly enthusiastic and Photoshop-happy wedding
This is not to encourage you to overthink and stress out on just one aspect of your wedding.
Rather, the simple tips below will help you in making easier but better decisions when choosing
a wedding photographer.
So how do you hire a photographer for your wedding? Here are several things to do to make the
process easier.

How to Hire a Photographer for Your Wedding | NaturalHairBride


Consider the Theme of Your Wedding

Chances are that you have an overall theme for your wedding or at least you are thinking of
having one. Likely, your theme will have a particular look, dominant color and general feel to it.
You want to capture this in your wedding pictures. Your theme will be essential in your
discussion with your prospective wedding photographer.



Start your search online for wedding photographers and pay special attention to those with
websites. Check their portfolios and narrow your search to photographers with portfolios that
appeal to you and suit your theme best. Reach out to those photographers or studios and check
their availability. Narrow down your search further to those who can accommodate a gig on your
wedding date. If you feel lucky, try to squeeze information about their fees, and they just may
give you an estimate. Schedule an interview with those that remain on your list.


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Accept Recommendations

Accept recommendations from friends and check out the photographers as well. If you have a
wedding planner, he or she will likely recommend someone with whom he or she has already
worked. Some venues also restrict wedding photographers to in-house or their affiliates. These
wedding photographers may be a good choice because they are already familiar with the style
of the planner or know their way around the venue. One disadvantage is that you may end up
with a template of both a wedding and wedding pictures.


Interview Them

This is easily the most important part of your selection process because you get to ask the
photographer how he or his team conduct themselves during weddings. Do they try to be as
unobtrusive as possible? How much time do they need from you for your pre-wedding photos?
Do they offer wedding packages? How much do they charge for such packages? Prepare a list
as many questions that you want to ask them prior to the interview. Make a list of important
information that you should share with them including the venue and the theme of your wedding.
During your interview, try to see more of the photographer’s portfolio. Since his or her portfolio
will only show the photographer's best work, try to check out full albums. You will be able to gain
more insight into his or her skill in this regard. If you see a style that you think suits your
wedding, discuss it with the photographer.
The interview should let you know which of the photographers on your short list you should hire.
It will be a good idea to sign the photographer up as early as possible to give him enough time
to make arrangements and coordinate with your wedding planner and your venue management.
Finally, better keep your wedding photographer list handy in case your first choice cancels for
some reason.

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