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How to Know You Have Found the Right Person to Marry

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How to Know You Have Found the Right Person to Marry

There comes a time in every relationship when people start wondering if the person they are with is the right person to spend the rest of their life with or not. Even though, there is no yardstick that measures the strength of your relationship with the other person and tells you if they are “the one”, there are a few signs one can read and observe to know if they are with the right person or stuck with someone they do not envision a life with.

In every relation, there may come a few checkpoints that, if observed carefully, may help people culminate the relation into a successful beginning of a married life. A few of those points are elaborated in this article to help you find that moment of clarity you’ve been looking for.


You are yourself when they are around

While most of us try to be the best possible version of ourselves when we are with someone we just met and want to leave a lasting impression on them, when you have spent a sufficient amount of time getting to know someone you are looking at as your potential life partner, the number one point to factor in is how you behave around them. If their presence puts you at ease and you are not hesitant to show all sides of yours without fearing being judged, there’s quite a handsome chance that you’ve found the one you want to spend your entire life with.

Having said that, this checkpoint alone cannot be a deciding factor. There are other things that need to be factored in as well before the moment of clarity finally arrives.


You have similar hopes and dreams and they support you

The person you want to spend the life with should not just be the one you can be yourself around. They should be able to know and understand your goals and dreams and support you in achieving them. If you can share your dreams with your significant other and get their undying support in accomplishing them, then you might have found the one you need to live a life full of happiness and content.


You can admit your mistakes and weaknesses in front of them

It’s hard for a lot of people to accept their mistakes and admit their weakness in front of others. Surrendering your ego in front of others and admitting you’ve messed up takes a good deal of courage, one that’s usually not found in most of us. But if you are with someone you can accept your mistakes too, without feeling mortified or apprehensive of being degraded, and if they warm up to your sincerity, you’ll know that they accept your honesty and might never give you a tough time overdoing things wrong.

Life is better spent with someone who accepts you for the way you are and inspires you to become better than the one who tries to change you every time you make a mistake and triumphs when you accept them.

You can admit your mistakes in front of your partner if he is the one for you

Arguments and fights don’t discourage you to continue

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In every relationship, fights and conflicts have unpleasant effects on both men and women. It’s also true that everyone reacts in their own way to arguments and disputes. But if you both communicate your thoughts and are willing to work through your differences in a way that doesn’t render your hard work futile and doesn’t also draw a bridge between you two, then you know you’ve found the one.


They make you want to become a better person

We all have weaknesses that we are not proud of and tend to hide from one another. If your significant other makes you want to look at your shortcomings in the face and encourage you to work on them, chances are, they do not want to just spend a few months or years with you, but they are in your life for eternity.

If your partner is your inspiration to become a better version of yourself and if being around them makes you want to work on your inadequacies and follies, then you have found the right person for you.


Their happiness is your happiness and yours is their

Emotional dependency is a natural progression of every close relationship. People tend to rely on one another in moments of sorrows and happiness. Because you care about each other, their emotional well-being is your priority, and yours is of paramount importance to them as well, what makes them happy makes you happy too, and vice versa?

If your emotional language is easily discerned by them and you can interpret their non-verbal cues without any difficulty, you have found your soulmate.

If you can interpret your partner's non-verbal cues, you have found your soulmate.

Finding your soulmate

Finding a soulmate is not easy. We come across a lot of people in our lives that we consider as our potential partners but end up parting ways with because we do not know what to look in the other person to know if they are the right person for us.



If you realize that there are persistent problems in your relationship that are beyond repair, don’t side-line them. Relegating them to an unimportant aspect of your relationship that you can turn a blind eye to is a guaranteed recipe for a disaster. Also, do not delude yourself into believing that someone you love will change. A successful marriage is cumulative of a lot of efforts, love and understanding. Do not rush into a marriage if there is a lack of clarity on any aspect of your relationship.

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