How to take care of your Hair this Winter?


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Winters are finally here! I have always loved winters even though it is not exactly great for our skin or hair. Many suffer from itchy scalp, Dandruff and dry hair during this season. To add to these woes, hair growth reduces to quite an extent during the colder months. So, let your mane grow as unevenly as it is for a great hair cut in the spring.

Still want a Hair Cut?

If your hair length is bothering you or just want to change your style, get a haircut right now. It is, after all, the season of weddings and parties and you have to look your best.

Hair Wash or Condition?

Regular washes are bad enough and with the weather and temperatures going low day by day, it gets even more exhausting to keep up with the hair wash.

So, unless your hair is really greasy or limp, you could just Use your conditioner to wash it on alternate days. No, conditioner is not applied on the scalp, only ears down. The lukewarm water is enough to wash away the dirt on the scalp.

This keeps Hair dryness at bay, keeps the frizz at a minimum and prolongs the length of hair color or highlights as advised by my stylist.

Hair Oil, really?

What we forget about hair oils is that they are cooling in nature and also drying for scalp if applied for too long. Yes, it is a paradox.

You could Skip the hair Oil on your scalp and treat it to essential oils. Tea tree and lavender oils can be used directly on the skin. Or, create your own mix. Take 10ml of almond or any other non-sticky oil and add 5-10 drops of rosemary, peppermint or eucalyptus essential oils, all of which work well to get rid of dandruff permanently and helps with hair growth. Each time just take a drop or two of the mix and massage on your scalp. Soothe your scalp and relax your senses at the same time.

And, if you are a DIY buff, you could create your own mask including aloevera and egg for hair. Add essential oils to this mix and do not forget to wash off after an hour.

Washed Hair, what Next?

Frizzy hair is the top most issue whenever you wash your hair and in winters the issue increases magnifold. A leave-in serum is your best bet. Squeeze the excess water from your hair, let it air dry and apply the serum when it is 80-90% dry. Avoid heat if possible. Or, go for cooler settings and do not flip hair too much.

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Eat proteins. And, drink lot of water, not that the hydration helps hair but it sure will keep your skin glowing. You could spritz your face mist on the hair as well to keep it hydrated. Find out what suits your hair best in terms of products and routine and stick to it. And, do not forget to enjoy the cold. After all, it comes only once a year. Happy Winters!!

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