Introducing Olivarrier – our newest skin-saving brand!


I hope you’re having a great week!
I want to share a story about what I went through this year and what I realized.
You might know that I have eczema. There’s no cure for it, but I’ve learned to manage the flare-ups really well.
This year, though, my eczema became worse than it has ever been since I was a little kid. I tried everything. I got most of the rashes under control, but this intense rash on my back wouldn’t go away for over a year.
Then, I realized something.
My body didn’t change, the environment changed. More pollutants, more toxins, more stress in increasingly fast-paced lives – that all breaks down the skin barrier.
I pored through emails from you guys. I wasn’t alone. So many of you wrote that suddenly your skin seems to have changed to become more acne-prone, oilier, duller, showing faster signs of photo-aging, etc.
The lightbulb went off. We need a way to combat what this new environment is doing to our skin.
I went on the hunt for ingredients that would calm skin down and repair the skin barrier – but without anything that might irritate skin more. Finally, I found a brand that worked. As you might know, we focus group test everything for at least three weeks. This brand, though, we tested for a whopping nine months. After all, this is what is supposed to help skin regain peace when nothing else is working.
I can testify to the power of this pure, toxin-free, beautiful line. Not only did it help me manage my eczema, but my skin became more radiant than I ever thought possible.
This line truly saved my skin this year. I don’t write personal emails about brand launches, but this was a story I felt the need to share with you all of you because I know it can help you, too.
I am so excited for you to have this in your arsenal. May this help restore your skin the way it did mine.
Cheers to Radiance!

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