Jack O’Connell and Jeff Daniels barely spoke on Godless set


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Jack O’Connell can’t work out if Jeff Daniels is a genius or just plain rude.

The pair star alongside each other in upcoming TV series Godless, a Western where they play friends turned enemies.

The series debuts on Netflix on 22 November (17), and Jack reveals in an interview with Britain’s Esquire magazine that he and Hollywood veteran Jeff kept away from each other on set.

“I don’t want to speak out of turn… The first time we met, we were doing a cast photo on the side of a hill and I was positioned just in front of him. Suddenly, I was getting tugged around and pulled off balance from behind,” he recalled. “Now I’ve barely said two words to him at this point, and I’ve made sure those words were very respectful. But now I’ve had to turn around and say, ‘What you playing at, mate?’ And he’s like, ‘Just joking with you, man.’ And I go, ‘I don’t think you are, are you?’

“God’s honest truth: that set the precedent for the entire shoot. We didn’t really interact again until right at the end when we shook hands. Now I don’t know if he was doing something ‘method’ on me, but it definitely gave us something extra on screen. So, if it was deliberate, he’s a genius. If it wasn’t, f**k him!”

Godless is Jack’s first foray back into TV since making his name on British teen drama Skins in 2009. Since then he’s become Hollywood’s hottest property, taking the lead in films like Unbroken and Money Monster.

His next big screen outing is in Trial by Fire, where he plays real-life convicted killer Cameron Todd Willingham, who was executed in Texas for killing his three children – though scientists have since questioned the evidence used to convict him.

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