L’Occitane Immortelle 28 Day Divine Renewal Program


Which is your favorite international airport to buy beauty products? I have found that different airports offer different pricing and not all are cheaper. I got the L’Occitane divine renewal program at 100$ at Dubai duty free though it was priced at 140$ during that time on all websites.

L'Occitane Immortelle 28 Day Divine Renewal Program

L’Occitane Immortelle 28 Day Divine Renewal Program

Price: Rs 10,300 (~160$)

If you have been following me for long, I am crazy about facial oils and if you talk about something which is going to revamp the skin, I am all up for it. And, when it comes from an exotic flower named immortelle, it is more than difficult to resist the temptation.

I did the divine renewal program at the very same time last year. This post has been long pending. Unfortunately, my experience with the immortelle divine did not become immortal. The product has a lot of drawbacks for the expense it comes with.

L'Occitane Immortelle 28 Day Divine Renewal Program
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First, the packaging could have been better. It is quite nice to have vials metered out for daily usage but there is just too much product in there. You have either the option of throwing the rest away or putting on all the oil. Interestingly, this oil evaporates once you break open the vial if left for days together (happened with me!) so if you are planning to store the product in the vial itself, it defeats the purpose. And, of course, you do not want to let it go waste for all your money’s worth.

Second, sometimes the product is just not enough for your skin. You can pair it up with your favorite moisturizer, of course. But, I found it to be a drawback as I would like my revamping products to work alone on my skin. I do not want to pair them with anything else. May be I am wrong here!

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L'Occitane Immortelle 28 Day Divine Renewal Program
Image Courtesy via Paris @ mywomenstuff.com. She finished 11 years of her blogging today!

Third, there was no renewal after the divine renewal program! There was not a zilch of change. Now, that necessarily might not be a bad thing. May be my skin was already at its best! I am the hopeful optimist 🙂 But, I would have really liked to see some change after the 28 day program. No increase in hydration or smoothness or even radiance for that matter.

So, yeah, overall the divine renewal product was bit of a disappointment. Instead, I realized I should have gone for the immortelle divine serum or the youth oil to experience the immortelle flower. May be next time!

Have you tried the Immortelle 28 day divine renewal program? Did you enjoy using it? Did you find any changes in your skin after 28 days?

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