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Mother’s Day Wellness Ideas

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Happy Mother’s Day, peaches! We’re celebrating all moms today for giving life and light. Thank you, moms, for all that you do.

Whether you’re a mom or celebrating your mom, here are five wellness tips to indulge in today or to share with your mom, to make today a bit more rejuvenating.


Take a Korean Half Bath: Need an easy way to get an extra boost of energy while melting away those feelings of stress? Fill up your tub with very warm water such that when you sit in it, the water reaches your belly button. Keep your belly button down immersed in the warm water. Keep your belly button up, including your arms out of the water. Tip: lean over the side of tub with arms dangling over the edge (holding a good book or just watching something on a propped up iPad) for a comfortable position. Relax for twenty minutes. The difference in temperature in the lower body and upper body will help boost circulation. You’ll feel revived and rejuvenated (and sweaty as the circulation gets that kickstart!). Power up after with a tall glass of water and you’ll feel completely renewed.


Give yourself a hydrating, easy at-home facial: Skin feeling tired and lacking glow? Often times, the culprit is a lack of hydration deep in our skin. Drinking water doesn’t unfortunately directly hydrate skin, but using topical humectants that bind water to skin can plump up our skin with hydration. Use a hydrating, gentle toner or essence like the Wild Dew Treatment Essence, and on clean skin, layer this on twenty times. Use your hands, and pat into skin. When you receive a professional hydrating facial, a spray device can be used that allows hydrating treatments to sink deep into skin. A good amount of hydrating ingredients (not just the one or two layers you’ll apply during a typical skincare routine) can be effectively applied onto skin. And that’s why after an intensively hydrating facial using these professional tools, skin literally looks born again and visibly plumped up and dewy. While we may not have these devices at home, gently patting in twenty layers of a hydrating essence or toner can have similar effects. Tip: turn on your favourite thirty-minute show, and as you watch, relax and pat on these layers. By the end of the show, your skin will thank you and you’ll look like you just got that professional hydrating facial.



Masking and breathing: Apply your favourite sheet mask and lay down for fifteen to twenty minutes. During this time, take deep breaths using your diaphragm to inhale deeply. Imagine those breaths you take in traveling down to your right toes, then with the next breath, imagine your breath traveling down to the middle of your right feet, then with the next breath, your right ankle, then with the next, your right shin. And so forth. And then your left foot and leg, then your torso and arms. Envisioning that deep breath and all the oxygen being carried to various parts of our bodies is both meditative and relaxing – and helps us to cultivate the habit of taking in deep breaths, even when we’re going about our days. Remove sheet mask, pat it all in, follow up with your favourite moisturizer and emerge with a radiant face and your body filled with oxygen and calm.


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Pamper your feet for a full-body effect: It’s no secret that our feet have so many reflexology points and connect to the rest of our bodies. It might be hard during these times to be able to get a full body massage. One easy hack is to relax the feet. Fill up your tub and sit on the ledge, or a fill up a basin and bring it to your favourite armchair. The water should be very warm and come up to your ankles. Mix in with epsom salt and/or a drop of lavender or peppermint oil. Or just plain warm water will do. Relax for fifteen to thirty minutes. If you’d like and you can, find some stones of various sizes, rinse them off, and include them in the basin or tub. Lean your feet into the stones (be careful not to actually stand up, so that you’re securely still sitting so that you don’t slip), and let the stones add massage relief to the feet. If you loved how that felt, keep the stones around for your next easy foot bath. Helping our feet relax can help our whole bodies feel relaxed. And you deserve it, mama!


Clear your pores and your mind: Our favourite treatment for those very stubborn pores or to give skin a total deep-dive reset is to use the Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask followed by the Pore Proof Perfecting Clay Mask. The Super Reboot mask has clinically proven ingredients to help resurface and exfoliate skin instantly – think of it as a pro-grade chemical peel combined with a soothing mask (so yes, sensitive-skin friendly!). You’ll have babysoft, fresh new skin. The Pore Proof mask meanwhile uses kaolin clay and bentonite to act as a “pore vacuum” and is infused with strawberry and cherry extracts as your mega dose of vitamin C and antioxidants. The Super Reboot mask can be applied for five to twenty minutes depending on your skin, then washed off; and the Pore Proof for about fifteen minutes, then washed off. Curl up with your favourite magazine or book for twenty to forty minutes (depending on your skin), and we encourage you to imagine all your worries leaving your mind along with your dead skin cells and trapped impurities leaving your skin — and melt into positive thoughts or that compelling book or magazine you’re reading.


Moms – thank you for all that you do! We hope you feel celebrated today!

xo – Peach & Lily Team

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