Natural Hair faves from Benin Republic


Bonjour! Ca va? I recently went on a tour with a couple of friends to the ancient city of Ouidah in the Republic of Benin. It was a good opportunity to take some break from work, relax & test the strength of my spoken French language. Comprendre? We visited the famous python temple, the point of no return, the sacred forest & slept two nights at Casa del Papa. On our road trips, I came across some natural hair items.

Shea Butter:

On returning to Lagos, we decided to do some shopping at the Dantokpa market in Cotonou. While walking the streets of the market, I saw a young lady hawking shea butter. The ivory color of the shea butter was not to miss. It was well timed as I remembered that I was actually running out of shea butter back at home in Lagos. It was super affordable. I never expected the price she told me. The shea butter was molded in small oval shapes. Each one was sold at 50cfa. I bought 4 for 200cfa.

We know shea butter is loaded with benefits. However, I prefer not to use shea butter on my hair as I noticed it was too heavy for my hair & it weighs it down. However, shea butter is great for my skin. Now that Harmattan is here, it is the perfect moisturizer for my hands, elbows, knees & feet.

Natural Hair faves from Benin Republic

Wooden Hair Divider/ Accessory:

On the second day of the trip, we stopped by craft stalls where a lot of Benin Republic arts were sold. I was going through the wares of the Beninese woman when I saw the hair divider comb, It looked very similar to the ilarun we have in Lagos, only that it had a single point unlike ours that has four points. It was made of wood and had a spiral design on its head. Looks like an item that will double as an ilarun & also a stylish hair accessory.

Natural Hair faves from Benin Republic

Ever traveled & discovered some natural hair faves? What did you find?

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