Peach & Lily Wins 3 Teen Vogue Acne Awards!

As an esthetician, one of the most rewarding parts of the job is seeing someone be so happy with their transformed skin — whether that be acne clearing up or their persistent redness dissipating or severe eczema flare-ups (me!) becoming easier to manage. Acne is one of the biggest concerns I come across. So, when we set out to make Peach & Lily skincare products and Peach Slices skincare products, creating products that would truly help with acne was a priority.

We’re super excited that three products we made won the Teen Vogue Acne Awards. We know these products work and it’s so awesome to see that people have been seeing so many great results from these products.


Reset Button Sheet Mask

Peach & Lily Reset Button
There are three powerful things you can do for your skin to help prevent breakouts — 1) calm angry skin down, 2) reduce inflammation, and 3) strengthen your skin’s natural barrier.
We wanted to make it easy to do all three things, so we bottled up a formula in sheet mask format that’s free of harsh ingredients and designed to work super fast for the skin.

This mask does what it says. It resets your skin to reveal calmer skin that even gets a glow from within.

How does it work? We included a lot of really great ingredients for fighting bacteria, inflammation; and then a lot of ingredients to restore, soothe, and strengthen. We call these SuperSkin ingredients — because they’re hero ingredients on their own rights, but together in our proprietary blend, they become superstars. Some of our favorite SuperSkin ingredients in this mask include propolis, chamomile extract, licorice extract, centella asiatica, skullcap root, and calendula extract.
Acne Spot Dots


Peach Slice Acne Spot Dots
These hydrocolloid acne patches are a ubiquitous solution for breakouts in Korea. The cellulose gum sucks out all the exudation from the pimple and helps to flatten them virtually overnight. The dots don’t use drugs that could be potentially drying like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, but treats the acne like a wound — because that’s what it is — and uses that theory to help zap pimples away fast. Plus, the spot dot creates a protective covering that helps prevent further infection and keeps you from picking at the pimple. The patch itself also creates a moist healing environment so that the acne wound heals faster. What does this mean? Acne that goes away faster and acne that doesn’t scar as much.

It was important for us to make the best hydrocolloid patch — we learned that not all are created alike. Some are not sticky enough, some don’t absorb as well, and some somehow simply don’t work. So we teamed up with one of the best pharmaceutical companies out there that has the best hydrocolloid technologies to make this class I medical device that works wonders for acne.
Citrus Honey Aqua Gel

Peach Slices Citrus Honey Aqua Glow

We love this product for all skin types, but especially love it for those struggling with acne. Acne-prone skin can be one of the most challenging skin types to find a good moisturizer for. It’s key to have enough protective hydration through a good moisturizer, but so many can be heavy on skin, exacerbate breakouts or irritate skin. Yet, if skin isn’t properly moisturized, acne can worsen or sebum production can go on overdrive.

So we set out to create a moisturizer that would help hydrate even acne-prone skin without that thick, heavy, feeling where the moisturizer just sits on the surface and potentially clogging pores. This moisturizer is a serum+moisturizer so that all the good stuff — honey extract, citrus extracts, annatto seed oil (helps repair skin) — all sink quickly into skin while hydrating it in a lightweight way. If you’re looking for a great moisturizer that leaves skin supple without the heaviness, we recommend this one!


We’re so honored that these products won the Teen Vogue Acne Awards — and we’re helping win the battle against acne! Thank you for all your support and love and as always…

Cheers to radiance!

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