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When we watch movie scientists in science fiction flicks, do you ever wonder if writers and directors did some research on real scientists? Like did they ever take the time to round up true scientists and observe how they move, act or respond to situations? Truthfully, I think some movies give disservice to how real scientists react in true to life situations.

I think there are major differences between real and movie scientists. First and foremost, a true scientist would by default mention many scientific terms just to make a point. But movie scientists will eloquently get to the bottom of the mystery and announce the biggest discovery in just a few lines. Secondly, real scientists will take so much time doing numerous experiments or testings to prove a fact. But movie scientists, all they need is usually just 15 minutes. They already made the ground-breaking breakthrough of this millennium.

Thirdly, real scientists will have multiple copies of their work. And it is stored in every location or computer drive possible. Any real life scientist would know the perils of losing someone’s work into oblivion just because they failed to save it in any way possible. But with movie scientists, they will just have it saved in one storage device and they are good to go. Nothing terrible would happen to that one storage device. All is well in the universe!

And lastly, movie scientists seem like they think so identically that they can mimic or replicate anyone’s body of work. Like if the older scientist died in the movie, his son scientist or his colleague can just dive into his files and continue his work. I do not think it is that easy to replicate someone’s idea just like that.

But enough about me counting down all the misconceptions that movies help us make about scientists. The people from the The Upturned Microscope have successfully illustrated several differences between real and movie scientists. These comic pictures are more hilarious yet completely accurate than me ranting about them. Feast on the fun, guys!

real vs movie scientists 1

real vs movie scientists 2

real vs movie scientists 3

real vs movie scientists 4

real vs movie scientists 5

real vs movie scientists 6

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