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Hello ladies,

I put up a client’s feedback some time ago on Instagram and since then I’ve been flooded with questions about edges and how to get them back.
I’ve written about hair loss at the hair line in previous blog posts which you can read here but the huge wave of questions I’ve had about it has made me realise that I should write about it from a different angle.

In this post, I will be talking about naturally thin hairlines and share tips to manage and regrow your hairline. Before I proceed I have to stress that when it comes to our hair, especially our edges, prevention is better than cure.

Naturally Thin/Receding Hair Lines

Not everyone has a perfect thick hairline or a hairline so low that it grows towards the eyebrows. I certainly don’t have a thick hairline. Some of us have naturally sparse/thin hairlines that has a receding shape.
If your hairline is naturally or genetically thin or has a receding shape, there isn’t anything you can do about it. You cannot change the way you follicles (hair roots) at your hair line have been distributed.

If you have a naturally thin and delicate hairline, you have a higher chance of losing hair at your hairline when you wear styles like braids, weaves and tight buns or ponytails. Unfortunately because of the natural receding shape or thinness of your hairline, hair loss in these areas will look a lot worse than it actually is.
So if you have this kind of hairline what should you do:

  • Avoid styles that pull or place a lot of tension on hairline. I would say avoid braids and weaves completely but if you can’t, don’t let the stylist pull those fine baby hairs. Don’t use too many bundles of hair. make sure your bun isn’t too tight.
  • Avoid over styling your hairline; heavy gels, harsh brushes and the need to lay those edges will make your hairline thin out or recede even more. Try to use your palms to smoothen your hairline after moisturising it, if you must brush it, use a baby’s hair brush.


I leave my edges alone majority of the time, my buns are never too tight and I don’t use hard brushes on my hair.

  • When you wear hats, scarves, bonnets, gele…etc don’t place it directly on your hairline. It should be behind or over your hairline not directly on it. This is particular important for ladies who wear hats/scarves/gele often.
  • Keep hair well moisturised and sealed and don’t forget you hairline when doing so. A dry hairline will break easily when you try to style it.

Hairline with Breakage and Signs of Re-growth

So let’s assume that your hairline has been thinning for a while and you are not sure what you are doing wrong.
You have had bald patches along your hairline in the past but it eventually grows back. You’ve noticed that the thinning is getting worse and you are concerned you will eventually have no hair left.

Ladies, if you are in this category it is important for you to get to the root of the thinning or patches before the hair loss becomes permanent. In some case the hair loss could be hereditary, due to medication or hormonal changes (postpartum shedding). If you think your hair loss at your hairline is caused by one of these factors you should speak to your doctor or a trichologist.

With a lot of ladies however, the hair loss is often as a result of constant wearing of braids, weaves and wigs. We have to give our hair adequate rest from such styles. The over-wearing of extensions is often combined with lack of proper hair care whilst wearing those styles, for example some ladies relax their hair and install extensions a few days afterwards or some ladies choose to wear styles they KNOW tends to break their hairline.


If your hairline is becoming increasingly thin and taking longer and longer to grow back what should you do?

  • Figure out what is causing the breakage and avoid it.
    The sooner you can figure out what is causing the hair loss at your hairline the better. Now I am not anti braids or weaves but IF you have significant hair loss every time you wear them ask yourself this, is it really worth it?
    Also consider if it is those hairstyles that is causing the breakage or is it lack of hair care when wearing those hair styles that is the problem.
    If your hair loss is being caused by your hairstyle choices you should consider safer styles to wear or safer alternatives, eg a braided wig instead of actual braids or a bun that isn’t pulled too tight. If you don’t make significant changes to your hair care and the damage and inflammation to your line continues you may end up with permanent damage to your hair follicles.
  • Take good care of your hair, be gentle on your hairline and have regular scalp massages to stimulate the hair follicles and encourage re-growth.
  • Be patient!! Even with good hair care and safer hair styles it can take several months …a looooong time…. to see significant improvements with your hairline depending on how bad the damage was. Be aware that for some ladies who have suffered prolonged damage of their hairline, the hairs in those areas may remain a bit thinner than it used to be. This is the reason why damage to your hairline should be avoided.

Hairlines with Breakage and No Re-growth

If you have suffered significant loss at your hairline for a while and have not had hair grow on your hairline for several years, it is likely that you have permanent hair loss in those areas.
At this stage, it is often too late for scalp massages and good hair care to regrow your hairline. You may need a course of treatment from a trichologist who may be able to provide you with strong topical treatments (creams or ointments) which requires a prescription.

There have been advancements in hair loss management such as PRP therapy and laser treatments which may help, unfortunately these are quite expensive and they are not 100% guaranteed to work. If these options fail, you may need to have hair replacement surgery which again is very expensive and in some cases may not work.

I don’t mean to scare anyone but it is important that I state the facts. Please ladies, don’t let your hairline get to the point of no return. Let your hairline rest and grow…whilst it is still able to.
I hope you have found this post helpful and that it encourages you to go easy on your beautiful edges.
My next post will be a product review of a moisture deep conditioner, I think I may have found the one ladies. …like for real for real.
Come back soon to find out what it is.

Happy hair journey



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