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Shocking Proposal Turned Into Bliss | Becoming A Bride

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We shared Kayla’s captivating proposal expression via Instagram and everyone loved it. The photographer captured the perfect moments to share her real expression. Let’s just say her future hubby got her good!

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Read their beautiful proposal story below.

The Proposal

What started out as an ordinary Sunday, turned out to be the best day of my life! Brandon and I have been together for a little over three years. I knew that getting engaged was in our future because we had always talked about it, but I’d never guess it would happen when it did. We were entering a new chapter of our relationship because Brandon had recently accepted a job in Louisiana, so we’d been doing long-distance for about two weeks at this point. Brandon came to Houston to visit me that weekend and we had the best time. We ate at our favorite restaurants and spent time with our family and friends. After living together for majority of our relationship, being apart for this length of time was different for us. On Saturday, Brandon asked me if I wanted to go to church on Sunday. We’re both Christians, so this was normal to me.

Shocking Proposal Turned Into Bliss | Becoming A Bride

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On Sunday morning, we left for church and enjoyed the sermon. After church, he casually mentions he wanted to go to the mall to shop around since I had just given him a gift card for his birthday. I reluctantly say yes because I had on high heeled pumps, which didn’t make for a good stroll around the mall. Before we began to shop, we stopped for lunch and he left me to go use the restroom, but was gone for forever! I didn’t know that at this moment, he was making calls to ensure everything with the proposal was on schedule. I also should have known something was odd because he couldn’t finish his lunch. Brandon never leaves a meal unfinished—but I later found out he was nervous and that’s the reason he couldn’t finish his lunch, aww. As we’re leaving the mall, he points to a beautiful water-wall feature near the mall. Houston has so many gems, so I wasn’t surprised to see something this nice. He asks me if I wanted to walk to the water-wall, but at this point, my feet were hurting badly and I wanted to do nothing but walk to the car and go home. However, no was not an option and he made that very clear, so I agreed to walk to the wall.

Shocking Proposal Turned Into Bliss | Becoming A Bride

It was his last day in Houston for the weekend and I wanted to spend time with him, so it didn’t matter how we did it. As we approach the water wall, we take in its beauty! The water feature is breathtaking. We began taking pictures in front of the wall and asked a couple to take a picture for us who then asked me to return the favor. Brandon stealthily retrieves the ring and stands by my side and begins to tell me all the reasons why he loves me. At this point, it still doesn’t click in for me that I’m about to be proposed to. I’m thinking he’s just being his normal sweet self and feeling the romantic vibes from the water-wall. As he grabs my hand to walk me to the center of the courtyard, I knew at this moment, it was happening! My love gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him! With tears flowing, I see my sister and mom pop in out of nowhere! They were there the whole time and caught everything on video. A photographer was also there taking pictures of us during the whole exchange. As I look up, strangers are circling us, clapping, taking pictures, and screaming congratulations! We finished our engagement with pictures together celebrating the moment. We’re getting married in New Orleans, where we’re both from, and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

Shocking Proposal Turned Into Bliss | Becoming A Bride

Shocking Proposal Turned Into Bliss | Becoming A Bride Shocking Proposal Turned Into Bliss | Becoming A Bride

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