Skin Care Problem During Summer in India


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Skin Care Problem During Summer in India

Summer in India can be one giant vacation of bathing in sweat and heat. The heat is so much along with the heat wave that it is difficult to even step out during the day. During the summers, you can expect your skin to come up with some or the other issues due to the excessive heat and humidity.

Skin problems in summer

The extreme heat of Indian summer is not really favourable to skin. Here are some of the common problems one might face in summer in India.

Heat Rash

Heat rash is a common issue faced by people in summer. This happens when the sweat ducts are clogged. The sweat gets trapped and keeps accumulating under the skin and results in itchy skin and skin rashes. Heat rash usually goes away on its own but ensure that you are wearing light clothes while the heat rash is present.


One can prevent the heat rash from occurring by regularly scrubbing the skin to ensure the skin pores are not clogged. Also, when the rash occurs, aloe vera pulp can be applied on the affected skin two or three times a day. This will take the itching and burning sensation away.

Sun Allergy

For the people with sensitive skin, sun allergy is a very common name. This allergy type doesn’t even need you to be out in the sun as it is caused by allergy to sun rays and heat. This reduces naturally in about two to five days’ time.


The best precautionary measure against sun allergy is to maintain distance from the sun and heat. It is better to stay in an air conditioned space during the day if one has sensitive skin. However, if the sun allergy catches up, it is recommended to treat it with cold water or aloe vera gel.

Prickly Heat Rash

Prickly heat rash is also a common skin rash problem faced during summer. Rashes on skin are common at the back, armpits and neck. This results in itchy skin and rashes on the skin.


One can choose to either stay in an air conditioned place during the day or can have regular bathing sessions to cool the body down. Prickly hear rashes can be treated at home using Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel. These remedies can minimize the skin rashes to a great extent. Calamines can also be used.

Acne Break Out

Acne occurs across the seasons but the acne breakout becomes nasty during summers. Due to the excessive heat excessive sweating as well as oil secretion from the facial pores combine to aggravate the acne breakout on the facial skin. Although there are certain home remedies for acne through which this menace can be contained.


Neem and Tulsi can be combined to make a natural skin toner which not only controls the oil secretion but also stems the growth of bacteria which cause infection leading to acnes. Add around 25 neem leaves and 20 Tulsi leaves in two cups of boiling water and allow it to boil till it becomes half. Strain the leaves and store the concocted water solution in a refrigerator. Use it to wash the skin around two to three times a day. Incase acne outbreak has already happened, keep a pack of turmeric and sandalwood ready. It will help in getting rid of the acnes.

Treating acnes is a matter of precision and guile. At Kaya, we take a holistic approach towards treatment of skin problems occurred during summer or otherwise. For an irritating situation of acne outbreak, Kaya recommends Rapid 360o Acne Clear System where our expert dermatologists examine the skin deeply and perform a health analysis to diagnose the cause of acne. Upon the analysis, a treatment combining advanced peels, services and medications is customized to control and treat the acne. Post treatment a diet advice is charted for the patient which is to be followed religiously in order to avoid the return of the acne breakout anytime soon.

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