Skincare Brands I Love

Well, I have loved skin care and trying out new skincare brands and their products and will probably continue to do so though not with the same fervor. In my 20’s, I wanted to try out all the new things. Now, my life is settled into a more mellow pace and combined with my need to enjoy what I apply and to compensate for my laziness, my list is limited to only serums and body butters.

I have never been a big fan of applying too many products but I did practice it religiously for sometime. Later, I cut out creams from my routine, slowly got rid of exfoliants as they started hurting my skin and now I have not applied any face mask for probably more than two years.

I just wash my face and apply a serum. I have even cut out the fancy vitamin C and hyaluronic acids and everything, for me it is just an all purpose serum which I can apply anytime of the day. That’s why I like to splurge on a good serum and I would definitely like to try out the best ones in the world.


Skincare Brands I Love #1 – Kama Ayurveda

I have not used all kama ayurveda skincare products but I still love the brand to a T. I love their body oils though I am not sure they are any longer available. I love their essential oils. I love their body butter. You really should try it if you have not. And, the neeli brigandi is the most amazing hair oil I have ever used. You can skip the face wash and shampoo and conditioner and even day cream for that matter. But, do give their night cream a try if your skin is prone to dryness. Absolutely worth it. And, the vetiver water is heavenly. Whew! Absolutely loyal to the brand. And, no I am not getting paid for this.


Skincare Brands I Love #2 – L’Occitane

The most amazing brand I have tried and yes this is pricey. Almond shower oil, shea body cream, the divine serum, all of them are sooo good. Worth every single penny I spent on them. If you do want to try out something really luxurious, definitely give this brand a try. This is closest you can get to at-home spa.



Skincare Brands I Love #3 – The Body Shop Spa Range

Okay, not a big fan of body shop but it stays on my radar somehow. In fact, sometimes I end up not liking the brand as a whole even. But, love their spa of the world body butters. They smell amazing and are simply great on skin. Great buys when you get them at 50% discount so keep an eye out. And, their hemp range is worth mentioning.


Special Mention – SOS Organics

This is a social initiative by SOS Organics Foundation to perpetuate sustainable holistic living. They sell natural products and do, please, do have a look at their website. Their soaps are amazing. Yes, now they cost twice as they used to cost a few years back. I have been disconnected from the brand for sometime but recently I went back to their website and loved what I saw. They also have non-perishable organic foods and their beeswax candles are just amazing. Really would recommend their products on the whole.

Another amazing product which I have not included in the list above is Estee Lauder Advanced Night Recovery, simply because this is just one product and I do not have any opinion on the brand. Which are your favorite skin care brands? Do share in the comments below.

Till then, Swathy.


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