Telegraph Business of Sport 2017, day two: Breaking the myth of eSports, reviving traditional sports and more


Reinventing traditional sports, the glory of wearing a Lions jersey and the world of esports were among the topics discussed on day two of the Telegraph’s Business of Sport conference.

Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan and victorious British and Irish Lions coach Sir Ian McGeechan and were among the eclectic guest contributors to the two-day annual event that aims to steer the UK sports industry to growth, innovation and collaboration.

Day two began with a look at the much controverted world of esports, where competitors play online games against each other, attracted by the direct engagement and interaction it offers.

Manchester City have already made a play to move into this market, and the audience heard from David Bytheway who plays Fifa (the game) professionally for German club Wolfsburg.

Vaughan was joined of stage by England Golf’s Nick Pink as well as RBS’s head of sponsorship, hospitality and events to discuss how traditional sports could remain relevant.

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