Telegraph Business of Sport 2017: Virtual Reality season tickets are within sight


Virtual reality season tickets, illegal streaming and fan TV channels were among the topics discussed on day one of the Telegraph’s Business of Sport conference.

Dame Katherine Grainger, the Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom Liu Xiaoming and former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan were among the eclectic guest contributors to the two-day annual event that aims to steer the UK sports industry to growth, innovation and collaboration.

Day one began with some discussion about the role of China in the world of professional sport and possible opportunities for collaboration between the People’s Republic and the UK.

Aston Villa chief executive Keith Wyness spoke at length on the subject, telling a packed auditorium that clubs are not far away from being able to sell Virtual Reality season tickets to China in order to replicate the matchday experience.

Wyness also suggested there could be an influx of promising Chinese players over the next four or five years, as Brexit could complicate the process of recruiting players from Europe.

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