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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist for Expenditures

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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist for Expenditures

There is a lot to do from engagement to wedding day. In the highs and lows of wedding planning you have to cut down the expenses and make a wise decision of where to spend and how to spend. The wedding planners and vendors may ask you for more, as it is a wedding, but you can have your own wedding checklist to meet the expenditures sensibly.

Consider the mandatory expenses and keep a check on the market rates of every service so, you do not go beyond your resource.

The checklist for the wedding is also important to develop and then stick to it. Here is a list of the essentials item that you will have to do after grabbing a Wedding Dress Preservation Kit It will help you to eliminate the confusion and hassle.


The list of expenses and where to devote the money should be your decision rather than the wedding planner. You choose flowers and decor, catering and other services according to your idea.

The catering may charge you for renting the venue, the decorations, lighting, furniture and setting for the whole event. It must be reasonable, as you may have other tasks to complete that catering cannot provide. Your wedding or event planner will work hand in hand with the catering coordinator at your venue.

Wedding planning commission
Talk to the wedding planner and decide the amount they are going to charge for their availability and services. You may receive discounts here if you have some resources available to you. This can be an optional expense, as you may not need a planner. You can thank them with 10 to 20 percent commission of the collection as per their availability.

Photography and Videography
The photographer will charge a huge amount for covering the most memorable day of your life. The camera rent and the charges for the photography and videography is a valid expense, as they capture the most unforgettable moments for the bride and groom. The better the photos will be, the more happier the couple.

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Staff at reception
The staff at the ceremony welcomes your guest into the reception. You can give the staff a tip as well. They are the people coordinating with the guests and directing them. If you cannot afford staff for the event, you or a family member can stand at the reception and welcome guests that enter. It would be a nice and appreciated gesture. Otherwise, hiring a staff at reasonable amount is less work for you to do.

Makeup artist
The hairstylist and makeup artist are very important to complete your wedding day look. Be sure to ask for referrals of makeup artists and stylist from close friends and family. This expense should be one of the priorities on your list.

Music and DJ
A wedding day without a DJ can be really boring so, add this to your list of must-haves. It is a nice gesture to tip the DJ if he arrives on time and play the music of your choice. You can also consider a band and a DJ, if you like.

Other than the flowers for decoration, you may also want flowers for the bouquets. If your budget is tight in this area, be sure to purchase fresh flowers for your bouquet and your bridal party. Don’t forget about the guys! Order fresh flowers for their boutineers as well.

Looking to ride in a fancy limo or vintage car on your wedding day? If so, be sure to add that expense to your budget. You may also need a second car to take you to your hotel after the reception is over. Plan out your day wisely to ensure your not asking guests for a ride.

Wedding expenses can add up quickly. Be sure that every dollar you spend is within your budget. Above all, remember that this day is about the celebration of long lasting love.


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