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We’re Eating Everything Out of These Gorgeous, All-Purpose Bowls

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I don’t need to introduce you to Helen Levi: She’s the ceramicist we compare all others to here at Healthyish. She’s the one whose mugs, plates, and planters we covet most. So, when she asked us to collaborate on the launch of her new shallow bowls, it was a done deal.

First of all, these bowls are genius. They’re shallower than soup bowls, yes, but they’re deep enough for just about anything else. They have a heft and sturdiness—made to be used every day, multiple times a day. Over the last week, my bowl has been a vessel for yogurt and granola, a mixed green salad, risotto, and a serving of osso buco. It’s the perfect size for an overflowing, Instagram-worthy grain bowl. A single-serving of popcorn would be happy here too. You can put them in the dishwasher and even the microwave.

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They’re the perfect size for grapefruit and a sidecar too.
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The “Squid” version has a swirl of black, while “Ocean comes in blue. The bowls are marbled by hand, so every one is a little different. My bowl looks like a rooster or an ice cream cone, depending on the day.

Now for the collaboration part: Between now and the end of January, every shallow bowl you buy through Helen’s site will include an exclusive Healthyish recipe on a beautiful, matte postcard. In January, this delicious, healthy recipe will be part of our Feel Good Food Plan. Until then, it’s only available when you buy a bowl.

So now’s the time to stock your cabinets with the gifts you actually wanted for Christmas. Buy a bowl, get a recipe. Make the recipe, put it in your bowl, and enjoy.

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