Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe Refuses To Resign

Despite pressure from the military and the ruling ZANU-PF, Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe vowed to remain president while addressing the nation on Sunday.

After ZANU-PF sacked Mr. Mugabe as its party leader earlier on Sunday, it was speculated that the president would announce his resignation during his nationally broadcast address.

However, Mr. Mugabe concluded his speech without announcing plans to resign.

“The congress is due in a few weeks from now. I will preside over its processes, which must not be prepossessed by any acts calculated to undermine it or to compromise the outcomes in the eyes of the public,” Mr. Mugabe said.

“I’m confident that from tonight our whole nation at all levels gets refocused… Let us all move forward,” he concluded.

ZANU-PF had given Mr. Mugabe 24 hours to announce his resignation or face impeachment. Given his refusal to step down, parliament will likely commence impeachment proceedings against the embattled 93-year-old president.

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