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How Successful Women Find Lasting Love

How Successful Women Find Lasting Love
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If you’re wondering, how successful women find lasting love, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, if you want to find true love, you must make it a priority.

With summer coming and the year almost half gone, I have an important question for you: What steps are you taking to find lasting love? With a successful, loving, man?

Imagine if you were losing your job or wanted to make more money; looking for one would be your absolute priority. You’d spend hours networking, calling recruiters, developing a strategy to get promoted, or work with a business coach. And you wouldn’t give up. Sure, you might have some bad days—in fact you’d expect some challenges. But as a smart, powerful woman, you’d pick yourself back up, knowing that if you stayed the course, you’d get what you want. So here are seven effective hacks to find lasting love.

How Successful Women Find Lasting Love

Hack #1. How Successful Women Find Lasting Love: They Make it a Top Priority

That’s how I want you to approach finding lasting love this year. I want you to make it an absolute priority, knowing that if you stay the course, you will get the relationship you want. No more excuses. No more giving up after a few bad dates.
Now I know what you’re thinking: if it is meant to be, it will just happen. But the truth is, would you approach any other goal in your life with this mind-set?

Yes, divine timing plays a role. But, as the saying goes, luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. Mr. or Ms. Right could be behind you in the checkout line, but if you’re not ready and in the right confident mindset, you might never turn around to see them.


Hack #2. How Successful Women Find Lasting Love: They Create a Love Intention.

Your love intention should reflect what you want in a relationship? For example, I meet a loyal, fun-loving, commitment-ready man and we are in a true partnership. Note that the intention is created in the present tense. In fact, read how one doctor created a love intention followed by being engaged to a great guy.


Hack #3. How Successful Women Find Lasting Love: They Create a Sacred Space or Altar

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Place your love intention or an affirmation within a beautiful box or an altar. For example, you could affirm something like, “I find lasting love.” Be sure to thank the universe for sending you the perfect partner each and every day. Because gratitude helps manifest those affirmations.


Hack #4. How Successful Women Find Lasting Love: They Follow Their Bliss!

When you’re happy you shine and have true charisma! In fact, you will attract more potential partners. So commit to doing at least one thing that brings you joy each day. For example, get back into the hobbies and activities you love but haven’t done in a while. Or consider doing service because helping others in need makes you grateful and more at peace.


Hack #5. How Successful Women Find Lasting Love: Write yourself an email every day about three things, that you appreciate about yourself.

Finding lasting love and a soulmate flows from your own self-love.


Hack #6. How Successful Women Find Lasting Love: If they’re sick of dating, they take a break for a little while!!!!

Find new ways to create joy in your life! For example, go shopping for healing gemstones that make you feel better. Synchronicity will take over and create wonderful miracles. In fact, hitting the pause button, will bring to you whatever you need to take the next right action in your love life. Just don’t let this break turn into a year-long excuse.


Hack #7. How Successful Women Find Lasting Love: They Surround Themselves with Nurturant and Empowering People.

Remember that saying that you become the product of the people you spend the most time with? It’s true! So go ahead and look for friends who are your best cheerleaders. On the other hand, be sure to avoid the naysayers. Instead, find a love mentor who is in a great relationship. In the same way, you’d find a business mentor to help navigate your career. there’s no question that a love mentor who has successfully created a positive relationship in her life can make all the difference in yours.


When you make love a priority and understand the best way to approach dating and embody your most confident self, you can create the relationship of your dreams and find lasting love. In fact, many women in our coaching program have done just that! We even had one woman get engaged to a great guy (who was dragging his feet in committing to her) after she had only one session of coaching!

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