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DIY Wedding Invitations: How to Make Handmade Paper Invitation Cards

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DIY Wedding Invitations: How to Make Handmade Paper Invitation Cards

Weddings are beautiful affairs for which some brides (and even grooms) go above and beyond
to perfect. It’s a celebration of union and the binding of two people who are ready to share life’s
joys and pains together. While these events are mostly a labor of love, why not go the extra mile
of inviting loved ones and friends with a heartfelt and handmade wedding invitation cards?

Hand-making wedding invitation cards is a sure way of giving them your own distinctive design,
flair, and touch. The first step to making these are getting high-quality paper and envelopes.
Now that you know where to get your materials, it’s time to DIY.

Add a Touch of Lace
Lace makes everything elegant! They are great for last-minute DIY ideas and even for those
who are working on a budget. There are a number of ways to incorporate lace into the wedding
invitation cards, but remember to use it sparingly to keep it simple.

If you plan to use one card only, use lace as a decorative edge trim. Simply glue a piece of lace
onto the side where you want it to be, then once it’s dry, trim it to keep it neat.
Lace can also take the place of card envelopes. Measure some lace around the square of the
card, then glue the fabric together to make your own invitation slip.


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Custom Watercolor Illustration
With watercolor illustration, you have free reign to put any design on cards using only some
brush and paint. Make sure to use high-quality wedding stationery that is thicker if you plan to
hand-paint every wedding invitation card. Otherwise, thinner paper can be used if you choose to
reprint a single design onto all invitation cards.


Mix and Match Paper Pads
Assorted paper pads are the easiest way to make a lot of invitations in a short time. There are
bundles of scrapbook paper pads that you can mix and match to use for invitations. The
patterned papers are good as backdrops for the text layer where the details are written on the
invitation. Make sure to put a layer of solid-colored paper in between to give it some borders.


Paper Punch Decors
Paper punches come in many sizes and decorative shapes, which make them a unique way to
decorate wedding invitation cards. Punch colored papers to use as decors in contrast to the
color of the invitations. Keep in mind that there is always negative space when pieces are being
punched out of a paper, and these can be used as a way to style your cards.
Other ways include creating embellishments by combining paper punch pieces, and then
another is to add decorative accents with edging scissors and border paper punchers.


Wedding Stickers
There are two ways to do this: create custom wedding stickers or use generic wedding stickers
to decorate wedding invitation cards. For custom stickers, couples can opt to print the stickers
with a photo of them or their initials and the wedding date. It can be used in many ways,
including sealing handmade paper cards, placing them in loot bags, and more.
Using generic wedding stickers is more budget-friendly and more time-consuming. DIYers can
place stickers uniformly or randomly as they please. The good news is there are thousands of
generic wedding sticker designs out in the market.


But Wait, There’s More!
There are a hundred more ways to utilize and decorate handmade paper wedding invitations,
and the only thing that limits creativity is the imagination. If you’re resourceful enough to find
affordable craft materials, that will make it even easier for you to create your invites. After all,
some brides DIY their cards because they truly enjoy doing it, while some do it to save money.
Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend to make the perfect
wedding. Sometimes, having two people in love and committed is enough. Share your DIY
wedding-invitation ideas in the comments section below.

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