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Peach & Lily is now at Bergdorf Goodman!

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I’m so excited writing this blog post that I literally had to take a few deep breaths to focus so that I’m not just typing “omg omgomg.” I think back to 2012 when I was bumbling around New York City in search for stores that were retailing Korean beauty products. My search didn’t take me very far at that time – such a tiny presence of Korean beauty! There was a store that stood out to me, though, and that was Bergdorf Goodman. They were carrying Sulwhasoo, one of Korea’s most beloved brands, and even had some of their latest product launches! The products were displayed so beautifully in their own counter. The beauty advisors were so knowledgeable about the products, and the counter had a lot of draw. I was so happy to see a retailer spotlight this Korean brand in such a beautiful way and give Korean beauty a real moment to shine.
Fast-forward five years later, when we received a note from Bergdorf Goodman about potentially exploring Korean beauty together, it was such a meaningful moment for me and for our team. Bergdorf Goodman had been a true pioneer in the Korean beauty space even before it was trendy – like a grand and elegant lighthouse pointing the way this whole time. Humbled and excited, we began to quickly began to ruminate over what would be the best way to bring Korean beauty into this beautiful department store that had been a staunch supporter of Korean beauty for so long. To boot, incidentally, our store is located right next door to Sulwhasoo – it feels so meaningfully full-circle to our beginning days in 2012!

peach & lily x bergdorf goodman After a lot of invigorating brainstorming sessions; input from some of our beloved customers; of course, collaborative input from Bergdorf Goodman, without further ado, here’s what we landed on! You can expect these three things from our pop-up shop:

  1. 1. Demos + facials – There’s a whole other dimension to Korean beauty than just the incredible products. Massage techniques, acupressure points, application methods are a big part of the Korean beauty culture. The stars aligned and in our space, there’s a sink, a spa room (that I’m providing facials in by-appointment – stay tuned on this!), and a place where clients can sit. We’re super excited to bring to life the massages and application techniques that go hand-in- hand with products. You can expect to learn a lot about products, and experience demos, learn massage techniques, and book K-beauty facials by yours truly! I’m personally thrilled as I love giving facials and am excited to bring this element of being an esthetician into the overall K-beauty experience. 🙂
  2. 2. Brands that are taking things to the next-level in Korea – you’ll meet 5 incredible brands that made it through the Peach & Lily + Bergdorf Goodman vetting process (it took a long time to whittle down to the best of the best for you!).
    • Femmue takes floral therapy and natural formulas to a different league. A jelly cleansing balm that warms up to open up pores, that transforms to a silky oil, then a milk, cleansing everything without a trace? It also smells like a freshly cut garden with just the right amount of subtlety. Yes, this exists.
    • – Then, there’s Abib, that believes “perfection is achieved when there is nothing else left to be removed.” Formulas that distill ingredients down to their purest forms. Goodbye, unnecessary filler ingredients. Hello, results and incredibly chic packaging.
    • – You’ll also meet Atoclassic that leverages “hanbang” (eastern medicinal herbs) from one of the longest-standing hanbang clinics founded in 1910. The entire line is about helping to quell inflammation – a key cause of almost all skin issues from acne to eczema to photoaging. This profound line gets to the root of skin issues in a soothing and time-tested way.
    • Eco Your Skin will also be there with a full lineup of cutting-edge beauty meets Willy Wonka-levels of creativity and fun. As a leading spa in Korea, their unique formulas target different skin types and let you pull off instant results.
    • – And last but not least, the long-awaited Jung Saem Mool brand will be there with a full lineup. Hands-down the most iconic makeup artist in Korea, her brand was created to let you re-create flawless looks that she became so celebrated for. Check out her YouTube page, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Her products have won so many awards and transforms anyone into a Korean-drama celebrity, and lets you do so in a foolproof and easy way. So genius.
    • Come play with these gems! We’ll be there to guide you through everything.
  • 3. BEAUTY FUN – We have a full program of master classes, beauty parties, demos, facials, talks, games and more that we prepared. Yes, skincare is self-care and a part of doing that well-being life. But life is short, and all of that should only enhance your life, right? Meaning, let’s make doing the healthy life a fun thing and not a chore. We’re going to be at Bergdorf trying to make it just that for you. Can’t wait to see you guys there!

When you come, look for the dreamy coral-pink-blue-white marble-swirl space. We turned the space into what a Seoulite’s powder room might be. You’ll find tons of products to test – makeup, too!! – but also covetable books, art, and other mementos from Korea.

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